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16/12/21: SleepImperial had been merged into a continuing project of the International Sleep Charity (www.internationalsleepcharity.org). Please refer to this website for the latest events and updates.

16/11/20: Global Update: Please join/sign up to Imperial College Sleep Society and follow social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @icsleepsoc and @sleepimperial) for future up-to-date activities and updates. Link Below.

Imperial College Sleep Society Sign-Up Link


16/11/20: Global Update: Please join/sign up to Imperial College Sleep Society and follow social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @icsleepsoc and @sleepimperial) for future up-to-date activities and updates. Link above.   

05/06/20: We are excited to be collaborating with and supporting a brand new initiative: International Sleep Charity (www.internationalsleepcharity.org). Please find out more about the project by visiting their website here.

17/03/20: It has been a very challenging time for our global community and will continue to be due to the common unprecedented threat that we face in COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for all the valiant efforts to fight this virus and wish everyone continued good rest and sleep, as much as the situation warrants. In the meantime, we will be considering how best to proceed in 2020. You can read our brief thoughts and advice on COVID-19 here.

29/04/19: We are helping recruitment for Imperial Sleep Society’s 2019-2020 Committee! Want to be part of this exciting growth opportunity? Email sleepimperial@gmail.com with you expression of interest.

11/04/19: Videos from our tremendously successful 2019 Imperial Sleep Week are becoming available! Check out the first one on ‘Why sleep is good for your health?’ beautifully narrated by Professor Bill Wisden FMedSci. Check out our other videos on our YouTube Channel.

12/02/19: BREAKING. Imperial Sleep Week confirmed for w/c 25th February. For event details and line up click here. To sign up click here.

27/01/19: We are working hard behind the scenes for a groundbreaking Imperial Sleep Week 2019! Support us and join our newly formed Sleep Society.

19/11/18: What are circadian rhythms? What is the relevance of the body clock for our health and wellbeing? Our resident expert – Respiratory therapist, postgraduate researcher and Imperial College PhD finalist, Yousef Alqurashi – explains for us.

04/11/18: Check out our current opening and vacancies here. Join us to work on and create the future of sleep, health and wellbeing!

17/10/18: Congratulations to all the proud graduates and to our founder, Dr Connor Qiu, for winning the Outstanding Student Achievement Award at Imperial College London’s Commemoration Day 2018. Read more here.

15/10/18: First blog post detailing our SleepPod build is up! Be one of the first to read it here.

12/10/18: We have been hard at work on our paradigm-shifting SleepPod. The first sleep pod available for use at Imperial College London. You can see the progress so far at Imperial College Advance Hackspace – Door A – Stadium House, London, W12 7TA.

01/08/18: Read about why you should attend the upcoming Sleep and Circadian Rhythms from Mechanisms to Function conference at the Barbican, London, UK here (Page 20).

12/07/18: Excellent meeting with the team at Imperial College Advance Hackspace to discuss our exciting sleep-related hardware project + permanent installation for which we recently won a £1,000 grant. If you would like to get involved please email us. Blog posts updating our progress to follow!

13/06/18: Watch this 3 minute video from one of our partners, The Physiological Society, on how eye drops can cure jet lag!

06/06/18: Check out an excellent audio guided introduction into mindfulness meditation and a soothing restful sleep mindfulness practice here.

31/05/18: Call for content: if you have any sleep/wellbeing-related content that you would like us to promote, please email: sleepimperial@gmail.com

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