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15/10/18: First blog post detailing our SleepPod build is up! Be one of the first to read it here.

12/10/18: We have been hard at work on our paradigm-shifting SleepPod. The first sleep pod available for use at Imperial College London. You can see the progress so far at Imperial College Advance Hackspace – Door A – Stadium House, London, W12 7TA.

01/08/18: Read about why you should attend the upcoming Sleep and Circadian Rhythms from Mechanisms to Function conference at the Barbican, London, UK here (Page 20).

12/07/18: Excellent meeting with the team at Imperial College Advance Hackspace to discuss our exciting sleep-related hardware project + permanent installation for which we recently won a £1,000 grant. If you would like to get involved please email us. Blog posts updating our progress to follow!

13/06/18: Watch this 3 minute video from one of our partners, The Physiological Society, on how eye drops can cure jet lag!

06/06/18: Check out an excellent audio guided introduction into mindfulness meditation and a soothing restful sleep mindfulness practice here.

31/05/18: Call for content: if you have any sleep/wellbeing-related content that you would like us to promote, please email: sleepimperial@gmail.com

28/05/18: Would you be like to be part of SleepImperial’s ambitious expansion plans? We are recruiting for the SleepImperial 2018/19 transition team! Read our page in the Felix to see why you should get involved. Please get in touch by emailing: sleepimperial@gmail.com




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