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Earlier this year when I ran to become your Campaigns Officer, I spoke about the ways in which previous campaigns have changed the very fabric of the Imperial that we know and love. I referenced the way in which we lobbied for quality affordable accommodation for all our students, and for free universal healthcare coverage for our international student community – success or failure, over the years there have been many excellent campaigns that have had a profound impact on our university experience.

What I did not highlight in great detail was the scope for improvement at Imperial – improvement that only effectively-run campaigns can deliver for the student body. It is my hope that the rapidly-changing campus culture, partly driven by changes in senior College and Union leadership, will sustain a drive towards more active engagement with campaigns from a greater cross-section of the entire student body. My priority this year is to support the student body to not only initiate campaigns, but to follow-through and successfully execute them in a meaningful way, beneficial to the organisers – in a personal and professional manner – and the wider community. To provide a case study of what we want to achieve: this year, others and I will be pushing forward the Sleep Imperial campaign, which aims to enhance student health, productivity, and satisfaction.

We can look forward to what I believe will be an exciting year for campaigns. The difference that we can make as a collective is on a scale that, individually, we can only dream of.

Should you wish to run your own campaign, or to join the Sleep Imperial effort this year, please get in touch via email and join our Slack.

Campaigns: Sleep Imperial: sleepimperialcampaign@ |

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