On Positive Change

It has been an enormous privilege to be your Campaigns Officer this year. To see the dynamism and enthusiasm that transcends our university campuses when various campaigns jump into action has been not only educational, but most enjoyable. This year I spearheaded a campaign of my own, called SleepImperial, to promote healthy sleeping habits amongst […]

On creating a legacy

Mathematical curves rise and fall, changing their assumed trajectory at a moment’s notice at inflection points. In life, too, there are certain times the prevailing greater wisdom considers to be inflection points –often-pivotal moments that mark so-called milestones. Examples include graduation and marriage. Characteristically, the passing of such moments has a final and enduring influence […]

Self-help Books – A compulsory course requirement?

IMPERIAL CAN SEEM LIKE A PRESSURE COOKER. SELF-HELP BOOKS CAN PROVIDE US WITH ADVICE ABOUT MAINTAINING BALANCE. At the world’s top academic institutions, the pressure to achieve can be all-consuming. Often I find myself walking amongst high-flyers, questioning what drives this culture of self-sustaining competition. An innate drive emanates from these students, one that cannot […]

Campaigning for a better Imperial

Earlier this year when I ran to become your Campaigns Officer, I spoke about the ways in which previous campaigns have changed the very fabric of the Imperial that we know and love. I referenced the way in which we lobbied for quality affordable accommodation for all our students, and for free universal healthcare coverage […]

The importance of quality sleep

In today’s elite academic institutions and high-performing workplaces, sleep is often downgraded to a status of secondary importance. The thrill of instant gratification takes precedence over the dull and laborious wait that inevitably precedes the onset of sleep. When time is limited, our attention becomes a commodity – and it is this commodification that has […]

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