On Positive Change

It has been an enormous privilege to be your Campaigns Officer this year. To see the dynamism and enthusiasm that transcends our university campuses when various campaigns jump into action has been not only educational, but most enjoyable.

This year I spearheaded a campaign of my own, called SleepImperial, to promote healthy sleeping habits amongst staff and students. The amount of energy and effort required to deliver this campaign successfully was, I admit, much more than I had initially expected or intended. To effectively communicate with key stakeholders delivering events, obtain funding for a website, and draft in professionals to design graphics to be projected across high-profile screens across campus – to name just a small selection of jobs – was most challenging. Coupled with being on geographically distant placements that were intertwined with key interviews and examinations made for bittersweet and, on reflection, entertaining memories. To join SleepImperial, and for top sleep-related tips, please visit: www.sleepimperial.com

I am enormously grateful for the support across all levels of the university, from students themselves to senior staff. Seeing the impact that can be had with campaigns has justified the very real and personal sacrifices made.

As the organisational structure of the students’ union changes, and the broader education curriculum reform begins, of which I had the chance to be a part, the need to be the force for change has never been more relevant.

In the end, the nature of student-led campaigns leads to the need to be creative and resourceful. Compromise will be an integral part of moving forward, and by embracing differences we can build better synergies, creating better solutions.

The mark of a successful campaign lies in its longevity. Making the transition from a founder-driven movement to that sustained by equally enthused and passionate leaders is the most challenging part of leaving behind lasting positive change. If it can be done, it is the ultimate reward. Put simply, people will always need to be helped by people.

Get sleepy for a re-run of SleepImperial’s Imperial Sleep Week w/c 4th June 2018

First featured in the Felix Newspaper here.

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