What are circadian rhythms?

Our resident expert – Respiratory therapist, postgraduate researcher and Imperial College PhD finalist, Yousef Alqurashi – explains for us. Sleep and circadian rhythms Our bodies have a 24-hour internal clock, also called a circadian rhythm, that controls when we should be awake and when we should be asleep. If you ever feel sleepy after lunch […]

On Positive Change

It has been an enormous privilege to be your Campaigns Officer this year. To see the dynamism and enthusiasm that transcends our university campuses when various campaigns jump into action has been not only educational, but most enjoyable. This year I spearheaded a campaign of my own, called SleepImperial, to promote healthy sleeping habits amongst […]

On creating a legacy

Mathematical curves rise and fall, changing their assumed trajectory at a moment’s notice at inflection points. In life, too, there are certain times the prevailing greater wisdom considers to be inflection points –often-pivotal moments that mark so-called milestones. Examples include graduation and marriage. Characteristically, the passing of such moments has a final and enduring influence […]

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